Monday, 1 August 2011

Anthropologie AW11

Here are a few of my fave pieces from the new Anthropologie collection... 

1 Feather Medallion Shade in Turquoise - £88
2. Chantilly Vines Mirror - £98
3. Dusky Blooms Cushions - £48
4. Mercury Trinket Box, Oval - £16
5. Kasbah Coffee Table - £698

The perfect wedding invite

Me and my fiance took a really long time to decide on the wedding invite we wanted (5 months in fact!). We found it really quite hard to find a invitation which reflected my style (vintage'y and pretty with a contemporary twist) with his style (dramatic and bold). 

These wedding invites are from We Do Invites - they do a gorgeous range of personalised invites in a great assortment of colours and with reception stationary to match.... 

When looking at invitations, I was taken with the idea finding a company that used a traditional letterpress - I think there's something quite romantic and old world'y about the idea of using a technique which requires some effort and skill, as opposed to the mass production of digital invitations. One of my favourite websites is Artcadia - they use a mixture of letterpress and digital printing to create some beautifully designed stationary... 

Another Wedding invite designer I found and loved was Rebekah Daley - adore her hand drawn designs and as she also sells her drawings on canvas's I'm quite certain one of her pieces of art will grace my bedroom wall in the very near future... 

Whilst I adore all the designs above, my husband to be, however, does not appreciate them quite as much as me therefore the hunt began to find something which represented us as a couple. In the end we decided on a wonderful design by Kelly Geeson. We decided on the Vintage Dream invite which you can find here. I'm really pleased with the proofs we've had so far! Kelly has been fantastic to work with and has made many changes to make sure it's exactly what we want. 

I can't wait until they arrive and I can send them to our guests... I just wish I could be there when they open them as I want to see everyone's reaction!!  

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Beautiful Bridesmaids

With just under 7 months to go until I get married, I've had to start considering what I'd like my bridesmaids to wear. Thankfully, not only have my two beautiful bridesmaids agreed to wear anything I put them in (that could be something they regret!!), they are also both the same height, have slender figures and have gorgeous long hair so I'll be able to put them in the same dress and they'll both looking stunning!

I've gone backwards and forwards with regard to the colour I want them to wear... it's ranged from golds, to pinks, to purples, back to pinks and on and on!

Finally however I've made a decision and these are the kinds of colours my bridesmaids will be wearing...

These are a few examples of the kinds of dress we're looking at...

Hair wise, the girls have lovely thick hair so I'm going to get them to have side buns with either flowers or hair jewels to finish it off! As I'm a huge fan of pearls, I'll be wearing them in some form or another, whether it be earrings of a bracelet, so to tie me and the bridesmaids together I'm going to get them to wear the same pearls as me.

These are some pearl bracelets I've seen from Jersey Pearl which I absolutely love...

I can't wait to start shopping with my bridesmaids!!! :)

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

choccywoccydoodah candy fantastic

one thing both me and my partner know we want is a candy buffet!!

Whilst there are many companies that will do this candy buffet for you, we've made the decision to put together out own. We're going to get candy from the cash and carry, buy vintage jars from car boots and decorate them with ribbons!
Alone with hiring a chocolate fountain, candy buffets,are becoming more andmore popular... this is great as there's loads of inspiration and advice to be found on the web and retailers have definitely cottoned onto this vintage style and so jar's and traditional sweets are easily found on the high street!
To add a twist to our candy buffet we're also going to make cupcakes and brownies to go along with the sweets and chocolate to make it into more of a 'dessert buffet'....


i'm getting married

Me and my fiance are getting married next February and I now have the incredibly difficult job of planning the wedding! Like most women, I've thought about what my wedding would be like a million times but now I'm faced with actually making some decisions, I'm finding it alot harder than I had anticipated! First it's 'when do we get married', then it's the 'where' and now that we've got those organised, I have to decide on the 'how'... do we have a big wedding? do we want a sit down meal or buffet? What colour scheme do we want? What kind of band should we hire? How many bridesmaid should I have? Where do I want to go for my hen night? and the most important question of all.... What style of dress do I want to wear??!!

All in all it's a little overwhelming so I'm going to start putting all my (incredibly conflicting) wedding idea's on this blog, in the hope that I'll figure out exactly what it is I want...

Thursday, 9 December 2010

the french bedroom company..

.... has the most beautiful furniture in the world! Okay so I'm starting to gush a little but it's only because I love it that much. I would just love to have my house full of these stunning products. Here is a small selection of the style of their furniture.

pure ceramics

I really like white ceramics - there is something so pure and clean about them. Here are a few samples of some of the beautiful pieces that are out there right now - they're so stunning that they make me jealous that I can't create these pieces of art myself!

Jo Davis Ceramics is an exquisite example of how such a simple material can be used to create the most elegant sculptures that will enhance and add beauty to your home.

I really adore these cute pieces of pottery from Art Mind. I think they are so sweet and quite ingenious in their simplicity.

And just so I've mentioned Christmas today.... West Elm have these beautiful ceramic owls as part of their Christmas decoration range!


cushions galore

Whilst flicking through Ideal Home today I saw one of the most beautiful cushions I'd ever seen, I went to find it online only to discover it is now unavailable {insert appropriate rant/sigh of disappoint here}. It did however lead to me gazing longingly at the cushions of many many many other stores and I thought I'd share with you the best of the bunch - ironically the ones I've put together are nothing like the cushion that sparked this blog (the one I saw was pretty and girly whilst these are more retro-y/funky) however I hope you enjoy them!

Ferm Living do a great selection of cushion prints - they come in various colours and styles, all of which are made with high quality silk and filled with down. At €67 they are a little pricier than your average cushion but definitely worth it when you look at these unique designs!

I absolutely adore these gorgeous cushions by designer Jan Constantine (though I am the first to admit that when these union jack cushions first started to appear in the shops I did recoil in horror - I guess the jokes on me!). These are the most girly looking union jack cushions I've seen and they're available through Graham & Green and range from £65-£90.

Continuing on with the Britania theme, I have some cushions from one of my fave sites Rockett St George. Here we have the eastend pub crawl cushion at £35 (available in four designs), the vintage union jack cushion at £95 and these fabulous bespoke and eco friendly letter cushions at £45.

I have saved my favourite cushion for last and that one is Bus Route Destination Cushion. It's priced at £85 and I heart it!


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

the art of wrapping

It's a little known fact that the wrapping of a christmas gift is as exciting as the gift itself... well maybe not but it is important! It's also becoming more and more popular to avoid the generic christmas wrapping found in supermarkets and the high street to opt for buying more creative and unique wrapping accessories that add some extra sparkle and personalization to a gift.

I discovered these gift tags whilst looking at the blog of the designer and think they are absolutely gorgeous {so gorgeous in fact that I think I would struggle to give them away}. They are by Marley and Lockyer and I can't help but marvel at how adorable they are... they would definitely add that little something extra to a Christmas gift

If you are looking something modern and sleek then short grass designs have the gift tags for you! These beautiful letterpress gift tags are simple and sophisticated not to mention an absolute bargain.

And last, but definitely not least are some gorgeous gift tag designs by Amy Moss. These little gems are free to download and are just lovely!