Tuesday, 22 March 2011

i'm getting married

Me and my fiance are getting married next February and I now have the incredibly difficult job of planning the wedding! Like most women, I've thought about what my wedding would be like a million times but now I'm faced with actually making some decisions, I'm finding it alot harder than I had anticipated! First it's 'when do we get married', then it's the 'where' and now that we've got those organised, I have to decide on the 'how'... do we have a big wedding? do we want a sit down meal or buffet? What colour scheme do we want? What kind of band should we hire? How many bridesmaid should I have? Where do I want to go for my hen night? and the most important question of all.... What style of dress do I want to wear??!!

All in all it's a little overwhelming so I'm going to start putting all my (incredibly conflicting) wedding idea's on this blog, in the hope that I'll figure out exactly what it is I want...

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