Wednesday, 8 December 2010

the art of wrapping

It's a little known fact that the wrapping of a christmas gift is as exciting as the gift itself... well maybe not but it is important! It's also becoming more and more popular to avoid the generic christmas wrapping found in supermarkets and the high street to opt for buying more creative and unique wrapping accessories that add some extra sparkle and personalization to a gift.

I discovered these gift tags whilst looking at the blog of the designer and think they are absolutely gorgeous {so gorgeous in fact that I think I would struggle to give them away}. They are by Marley and Lockyer and I can't help but marvel at how adorable they are... they would definitely add that little something extra to a Christmas gift

If you are looking something modern and sleek then short grass designs have the gift tags for you! These beautiful letterpress gift tags are simple and sophisticated not to mention an absolute bargain.

And last, but definitely not least are some gorgeous gift tag designs by Amy Moss. These little gems are free to download and are just lovely!


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