Monday, 1 August 2011

The perfect wedding invite

Me and my fiance took a really long time to decide on the wedding invite we wanted (5 months in fact!). We found it really quite hard to find a invitation which reflected my style (vintage'y and pretty with a contemporary twist) with his style (dramatic and bold). 

These wedding invites are from We Do Invites - they do a gorgeous range of personalised invites in a great assortment of colours and with reception stationary to match.... 

When looking at invitations, I was taken with the idea finding a company that used a traditional letterpress - I think there's something quite romantic and old world'y about the idea of using a technique which requires some effort and skill, as opposed to the mass production of digital invitations. One of my favourite websites is Artcadia - they use a mixture of letterpress and digital printing to create some beautifully designed stationary... 

Another Wedding invite designer I found and loved was Rebekah Daley - adore her hand drawn designs and as she also sells her drawings on canvas's I'm quite certain one of her pieces of art will grace my bedroom wall in the very near future... 

Whilst I adore all the designs above, my husband to be, however, does not appreciate them quite as much as me therefore the hunt began to find something which represented us as a couple. In the end we decided on a wonderful design by Kelly Geeson. We decided on the Vintage Dream invite which you can find here. I'm really pleased with the proofs we've had so far! Kelly has been fantastic to work with and has made many changes to make sure it's exactly what we want. 

I can't wait until they arrive and I can send them to our guests... I just wish I could be there when they open them as I want to see everyone's reaction!!  

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